LaraPackGenerator : Jump start your laravel package development.

Hi all,
Inspired by the response I got for LaraPackBoiler, I was wondering to create a simple web based application to create laravel packages.
I wanted to keep the user interface as minimal as possible and yet easy to use. So I started working on Laravel Package Generator.
Laravel package generator allows you to quickly create a laravel package structure for your project.
Github: LaraPackBoiler
Setup Video:
Salient features:

  • Create a package of your choice of name.
  • Define your own package namespace.
  • Define your own controller classes, models, middlewares, requests, events, interfaces.
  • Automatically creates composer.json file, README file for installation instructions.
  • Adds GNU GPL version 3 licence.
  • Follows a structured approach to create the package.
  • All the above features in just few keyboard taps and just one click !!

How to install and use:

  • Clone the project on your system.
  • Run composer.phar install
  • Run composer.phar dump-autoload
  • Give write permission to bootstrap/cache, storage, public folders.
    • sudo chmod 777 -R bootstrap/cache
    • sudo chmod 777 -R storage/
    • sudo chmod 777 -R public/
  • Run php artisan key:generate
  • Visit the localhost/LaraPackGenerator from browser.

How to create package:

  • The UI is very easy to understand and use.
  • The Package namespace, Package name and Package author are the only required fields to create a directory structure of the pugin.
  • Add a comma separated list of the controller, model classes.
  • Click Generate.
  • That’s it. just download and save the file, extract the zippped file and open up the file.

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